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Programs, Services, Events, &
Knowledge-Sharing Spaces

Explore the range of services and opportunities that SanArte Healing Collective offers to the community, and learn how you can be involved!

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What We Offer

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Indigenous Youth

Leadership Training Intensives & Retreats

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5-Week Program

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Traditional Food Education & Services

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Traditional Herbal Medicines

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Native Sound Healing &

Power Up Circles

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Indigenous Land Stewardship Education & Consulting

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Culturally Rooted Transformational Wellness Advising Group

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Professional Development for Schools &Organizations

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Grief to Grace: Mutually Generative Support Groups

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Indigenous Farming & Woodworking 

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Conflict to Clarity: Strengthening our Immunity through Empathic Communication


Services Inquiry Submission

Thank you for your inquiry regarding SanArte's services. We are consistently looking for opportunities to build mutually beneficial relationships with other collectives, organizations and communities.

In response to your request, we are able to provide virtual and/or in person services. Please let us know where you are located and the dates of your event and if you are requesting virtual or in person services.


Next, please share your overarching goals and audience for this event including how you hope SanArte can support these goals. 


Lastly, please share your organizational budget and budget for this request, we have a sliding scale and do our best to accommodate requests from community as much as possible.

Please enter your email address so we may contact you. 

Thanks for submitting!

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