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YolChikawa Sound Healing

For teams, leader circles, educators, families, and people seeking to decompress and reignite from the core. 


What is YolChikawa Sound Healing?

We call this work YolChikawa Yolotl-Heart-Corazon / Chikawaliztli Strength-Fuerza from our Great Abuela/Grand Ma’s Nahuatl Language of the Zacatecas, MeXico, and many other CemAnahuacan nation lands, that vibrates harmonious energy resonant with our goal to increase our ability to love, heal, and activate our optimal selves first so that we may serve and co-lead from our most powerful core.

Native Sound Healing (SonoSanActivacion)

  • Blends therapeutic movement, invigorating breathing exercises and guided relaxation (Teomania) to relieve stress, regenerate the body and enrich the soul.


  • A progression of practices that prepares participants for a relaxing inner journey bathed in traditional instrument sounds.  The overall experience fosters a balance of the body systems, access to deeper intuition and increases vital energy. (Available virtually!)


YolChikawa Power Ups


Support authentic connection amongst groups and are commonly integrated to strengthen: 


  • Organizational and staff development processes  

  • Community planning retreats

  • Family and Youth Development:   dissolve lingering pain, limiting story, and stress.  A safe space for families to do some personal healing, mending, and open up to see/feel different perspectives.   

  • Recovering from natural disasters and compounding empathy fatigue 

  • Optimal Wellness Retreats

The Set Up 

Our team creates a Sound Healing Garden Power Up Zone with Petate/ Mats, beautiful fabrics and elements to create beauty and soothe the senses.

During a 60 / 90 / 120 and 150-minute session, one to four practitioners are present to facilitate: 

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A range of therapeutic-meditative-athletic movements to warm up the 13 joints, tone the muscles, and oxygenate the body. 


3 stages of breathing exercises to circulate vitality and prepare the body for regenerative rest and the mind for creative envisioning. 


Musical instruments to help participants in dissolving emotional blockage, soothe the body-mind-spirit, and it culminates with uplifting sounds to fortify the heart and esteem.


Personal writing reflection about participants' commitment to sustaining healing, honor emergent insights, and brief sharing with others to strengthen our connections.


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