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Our Goals

  1. Create pathways for inspired participants and volunteers to offer their new skills, and align employment opportunities in the public and environmental health fields.  


Increase personal and collective wellness, reduce stress and anxiety, by creating supportive spaces to heal directly and together. This builds a strong community. 


Share best practices for managing pain and reducing inflammation through nutrition, therapeutic movement, mindfulness, and herbal supplementation.



Create generative spaces for community members to share insight, traditional wisdom, and activate ancestral memory that strengthens our connection to our homelands.  Mobile Clinics, Workshops, Circulos, &  Retreats. 

Inspire a culture of love and mutual reciprocity through programs, service learning, and the modeling of healthy relationships.   


Coordinate interactive cultural education programs that draw out participant innate knowledge, intuition, and creative joy. 


Transform violence and trauma within the body and in families through empathic communication skills training and transformative conflict mediation.