SanArte Healing & Cultura Clinic

San Antonio, Texas


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SanArte Healing & Cultura Clinic is a movement of interactive community health solutions rooted in Traditional Indigenous and Folk Medicine that grow life-giving practices for our world.  Through participatory education programs, mobile healing clinics, and Telehealth (TeleAnimo) services, SanArte activates innate wisdom in participants, teaches personal resilience tools, and facilitates relationship weaving to create a collaborative culture of wellbeing in Yanaguana (the greater San Antonio/Central Texas area). 


SanArte collaborates with public health, education, and leadership development institutions to build culturally affirming partnerships that result in increased wellness and meaningful civic engagement that is critical for building a just society and sustainable culture for our region. 




SanArte’s mission is to activate healing strength, innate wisdom, and collective
leadership in our communities through empowering service and education rooted in Traditional Indigenous & Traditional Mexican  Medicine (TMM).

Co-creator, Vanessa Quezada, explains the purposes of the SanArte Clinics in the Avenida Guadalupe community. 
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The SanArte community lives into the vision of a vibrant community where all members share their gifts and co-create a thriving culture based on traditional values of love, respect, reciprocity, and gratitude for life.  We work,  serve, celebrate and play our unique parts in a thriving region sustained by regenerative agriculture, sacred ECOnomics, and participatory cultural education systems rooted in Indigenous cosmovision of mutual responsibility and harmony with all life for the next 7 generations. 

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Who We Are 

SanArte is a collective of traditional medicine, allopathic and cultural healing arts practitioners building a community culture of wellness and collaboration.  Their efforts generate personal and collective transformation while building kinship amongst people and spaces that work for health equity, peace, and environmental justice in the Central Texas region and beyond.


They are advised by experts in:

  • Traditional Medicine 

  • Medical Professionals 

  • Spiritual Leaders

  • Community Elders 

  • Public Health Organizers

  • Brilliant Youth Cultural Organizers

SANARTE new version (1) logo summer 2021.png