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Texas Tribal Buffalo Project Youth Camp


The bison are returning to our territory! The Texas Tribal Buffalo Project (TTBP), a sacred bison sanctuary that is restoring our sacred relationship with this keystone species, hosted a dynamic summer youth camp this past June. Our hearts are fired up from the wisdom and strength shared by the inter tribal community of artists, water protectors, and educators!

We lift up a few highlights:

1. Traditional butchering and processing rabbits

2. Archery, herbal tea making, fire starting, natural indigo cloth dying, beadwork, and storytelling with loving-wise elders

3. Transforming a violent narrative into a respectful caring relationship with this sacred animal and the responsibility of handling sharp knives and being very safe and focused. 7 year old youth stepped up, a bit nervous and by the end were confident and proud of themselves through this special learning opportunity.

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