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Fuerza Unida Youth Leadership Camp

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

July 26, 2021

Yolchikawas with the youth are the BEST! The beautiful teenagers showed up looking for coffee because they were exhausted from their summer stresses, and they rose up bright eyed after their heart powered movement practice and cleansing rest/adult nap time jaja. We are enriched by years of building with the Abuelas and Tias who aside from their social justice and women's entrepreneurship programs annually, they create youth leadership academy's to activate the power of youth and plug them into areas that they are called to contribute to for realizing peace, justice, and collective power in community. It’s amazing to see their whole bodies change after the stress has melted away. Their number one complaint was “overthinking” so we reviewed different movements, body check-ins and simple breathwork they can practice throughout their days. We talked about mental and emotional blocks and ways to creatively work through them… We are in awe of the focus and sweet feedbac they offered. They even helped us clean up and pack our stuff in the truck! <3 Thank you Fuerza Unida and Gabi for the invitation. Working with more youth is a prayer answered...we look forward to next month where we build with their parents too!

"Working with the youth is a prayer answered."

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