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Southwest Workers Union’s 'Pride is Resistance' Offerings

1. Community Clinic: Building community care is a reciprocal act, getting to share in SWU’s Pride is Resistance offerings was an honor and a healing act for us as well. We were able to offer a mini clinic to see our queer familia and check in. With the rise in violence it was a heavy pride season and a reminder of the need for a strong community. In this clinic we offered limpias, medicines and movement. Offering a chance for all of us to take a breath together. You can follow our comrades at @swujustice on Instagram.

2. Solstice Cocina:

Our second offering was the launch of our Solstice Cocina as a way of building connection to the change of season and how it relates to our bodies. We gathered to create a cooling herbal tea, practice intentional breath and movement with Bianca, and make the elotlaxcalli/gordita dulce recipe with chef Rebel.

From each of these practices we leaned into our connections with the season, as we continue to navigate new territory in climate change, it’s important for us to not lose sight of our ancestors' teachings to work in harmony with the seasons. In this space we shared information from the Codex Sahagun on the wide variety of tortillas and tamales, and discussed overlapping medicinal connections in both traditional Mexican and Chinese medicine.

The best part of coming together in this queer healing space was that every participant brough information to share. It was beautiful to not only share but receive from the participants as they related memories of summer from different points in their lives.

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