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Paseo por el Westside


We are so thankful to help with the organizing for Esperanza Peace and Justice Center's 2022 Paseo por el Westside!! It was a beautiful morning as we set up, connected with our neighbors and saw many familiar faces.

We love how each person who stopped by began sharing stories and remedios, networks of wisdom are another strategy as we defend our communities from gentrification and injustice.

It is our hope that we'll all continue to share and strategize for sustainable futures rooted in liberation for all. Tlazocamati to the SanArte team for holding down our plantita sale, coloring station and traditional terapias! We sent several baby amaranths, aloe, estafiate, epazote, comfrey plants, snapdragons, flor de peña, niña en barco/purple heart and more off to new homes and know each of those medicines will expand this work wherever they are planted.

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