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Texas Energy Equity, Justice, & Democracy Coalition Immersion Retreat

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

SanArte held sacred space for the Texas Energy Democracy Coalition, 11 defenders of the environment representing organizations across the state. Chef Rebel Mariposa curated a decadent meal we cooked together in addition to weaving in traditional foods for other meals.

Leaders built trust and were challenged to imagine and dream up the future we are working towards.

We examined mythology and narratives to grow our efforts of "building the good" to offset the oftentimes extractive work. We renewed our commitment to ourselves to sustain defending the earth in a healthier way.

Local and state initiatives were mapped to align and complement each other. Participants walked away feeling like family, with a restored sense of hope for our lives, feeling supported with concrete strategies for organizing and regeneration. <3 SanArte team makes themselves available for dynamic and restorative retreats in-person and virtually.

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