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La Yerbería Spring 2022 Cohort

La Yerbería with Beto launched in April 2022 and it has been an exciting space to explore the intersections of medicine making and cultura. First of all a huge THANK YOU to everyone who applied and/or offered any words of encouragement and affirmation for this new launch.

Another huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the SanArte solidarity fund, we raised $1,460 which helped build the tuition support requested by our students.

In the past 5 weeks we have explored the basics of plant identification, tincture, oil and salve making, medicinal garden planning, Anahuaca/Mexica medicinal formulas, shared remedies from our families and created art and poetry that's woven a stronger conversation around not just how to make medicine but why and where we do it.

Our students also have been volunteering, gardening and creating spaces to continue their learning of traditional medicine practices beyond our in person sessions. We'll have more in our closing report back later this Summer.

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